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17 Oct, Paris. It’s the end of the world (as we know it) according to some. It’s the start of a bright new era according to others. That duality has inspired the World Chocolate Masters to launch its new theme for the new 20/21 competition:




What tomorrow will taste, look and feel like in and with chocolate is to be filled in by the upcoming and talented professionals in the patisserie, chocolaterie and hospitality industry. Pastry chefs and chocolatiers around the world: who will succeed in convincing a jury of professionals? First in the upcoming series of national selections in 20 countries in 2020/21. Later, in the 2021 world final. That chef will be awarded the title of world champion, aka the World Chocolate Master.



World Chocolate Masters: the Formula 1 for chocolate talent


The World Chocolate Masters – in short WCM – is the only competition in the world dedicated to the creative talent of professionals in gastronomy, patisserie or chocolaterie. The 20/21 competition will be the 8th edition in row after its start in 2005.

“In its core mission and DNA, this competition has always been about pushing the boundaries and transforming the profession”, Ramon Morato (Cacao Barry Creative Director) explains. “This is like the Formula 1 competition in the world of chocolate and patisserie. The cutting-edge innovations revealed and shown here by the chefs have always been an inspiration to chefs all over the world. What you see in the competition will be in the counters of the best pastry and chocolate shops 3 to 5 years from now. With this new theme, we literally embrace our core mission. And for this edition, we will stimulate chefs to reach out to science, technology and design, and rethink chocolaterie and patisserie as we know them. Creating indulgence won’t be enough. Design, sustainability, permissibility and entrepreneurship will become part of chefs’ quests for the chocolate delights of tomorrow. We want to stimulate them to gap the bridge.”

Pioneers driving the future of the profession


Elias Läderach (CH)), Vincent Vallée (FR), Davide Comaschi (IT), Frank Haasnoot (NL), Shigeo Hirai (JP), Naomi Mizuno (JP): this is the impressive line-up of 15 years of World Chocolate Masters. Today, each one of them is celebrated as visionary professionals, leading the industry into the future. All of them have established successful businesses or built careers in international consulting for hospitality, patisserie or food service companies.

With the kick-off of the new competition cycle in 2020/21 and the announcement of the new competition theme, the World Chocolate Masters is ready to look for the successor in this legacy of accoladed chefs.

A theme born from societal oscillation between apocalyptic visions and bright optimism


With its new theme #TMRW_TASTES_LOOKS_FEELS_LIKE  the World Chocolate Masters embarks on a new journey that invites chefs to explore totally new expressions of chocolate.

With all of our systems – political, social, financial and legislative – being under pressure, many people in our communities feel like we’ve lost the way. According to some, it’s the end of the world. At the same time, a new generation is standing up that has a firm belief in the future and wants to change the world radically into a better place for everyone. Science, technology, creativity and entrepreneurship are their tools to make change happen.

Since chocolate is the epitome of optimism and celebrating life, we give full reign to this new optimism. Hence why the theme is not about the long distant future, but about tomorrow. And how upcoming chefs in the pastry, chocolaterie or hospitality industry will reinvent tomorrow’s pleasures – not only in the flavour-language they use. Yet also in textures. In permissible recipes celebrating the healthy benefits of cacao. And not in the least, contestants are urged to rethink the design of formats such as a pastry, a snack or a bonbon. Because the visual language of a design is the first trigger that makes us stop, look at something and understand its story.

The assignments for the 20/21 national selections


From March 2020 until January 2021, national selections will be held and organised in 20 participating countries on 5 continents (North America / South America / Europe / Africa / Asia). The assignments for all contestants will be:


Create a mood board explaining your core idea and how it reflects your vision of #TMRW


Create a chocolate design artwork using 6 different techniques and using max. 5 kg of chocolate


Create a fresh chocolate patisserie including 3 compulsory ingredients (chocolate / a fruit / a locally sourced ingredient)


Create a chocolate snack that is 100% plant based


Create a bonbon based on natural ingredients – completely E-number free

A jury of professionals and industry leaders


A professional jury will be composed in all 20 countries – with all jury members being leading experts in the culinary and/or gastronomy industry. Per country a jury president will be assigned to coordinate, guide and control all jury members to play 100% fair in the competition.

Per national selection, the contestant with the highest score will be awarded National Chocolate Master and will represent his/her country during the World Final in 2021. Exact date and time of the final will be communicated early 2020.

An enriching journey among peers, for each contestant


“The World Chocolate Masters is much more than a culinary competition”, explains Ramon Morato – Cacao Barry Creative Director. “It is an incredible journey during which most contestants learn to push their own limitations. It’s their window to the global culinary world. For many of them, it is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to other chefs, learn from them, establish new contacts and develop their own creative thinking and processes. And not in the least, it is a platform for them to transform their professional path into international careers. The winners of the national selections and the world final become the leading pastry and chocolate chefs in the world.”

A chefs network to count on!


All contestants who take part in the WCM can count on the full support of the chefs in the global Cacao Barry network and the 23 Chocolate Academy™ centres. They will literally elevate the participating chefs in their knowledge about chocolate and skills in working with chocolate. Furthermore, the chefs and academies will become the hubs-to-turn-to for chefs when they aspire access to scientific, nutritional or technological expertise or specific collaborations. Driven by research and insights collected in the Cacao Barry LAB, the Cacao Barry chefs and Academies distribute the knowledge all over the world, and make it accessible to chefs who are open to explore.




In the coming weeks and months, all practical information about:
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