The winning creations of Florent Cheveau


Florent’s showpiece showed symbiosis in its purest form: bright, blue hummingbirds gathering nectar from deep-red flowers while floating through the air. At the base of this playful scene was an enormous white cocoa bean, the foundation of the chef’s craft. Nature’s self-sustainable mechanisms make for interesting inspiration for tomorrow’s cities, as their natural balance is essential for preserving our resources for the future.


The chef’s delicate patisserie balanced chocolate sponge, orange, candied peanuts and mascarpone cream flawlessly. With an impressive line-up of three chocolate types: Alunga 41%, Inaya 65% and Ocoa 70%, Florent Cheveau immediately made his mark.

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Chocolate Snack to Go

With his flavourful snacking confection, Florent combined chocolate sponge, lemon and an intense-tasting praline feuilletine. His striking palette of colours would expand as the competition progressed.

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Sunday, 23 April, 2017