Mexique raspberry explosion

By Patrick de Vries

Country : Netherlands
Category : Snack to go
Number of portions :  10


  1. Almond crumble
  2. Lime-verbena ganache
  3. Raspberry compote
  4. Mexique biscuit
  5. Raspberry ganache
  6. Raspberry jelly
  7. Montage / Assembly


Almond crumble


135 g dairy butter
150 g muscovado sugar
150 g almond powder
180 g patent flour
3 g salt
250 g papouasie chocolate


Make a nice crumble.
Bake at 180°C at 15 minutes.

Melt the milk chocolate.
Mix it with the crumble.
Roll out between baking paper in a 4 mm thick frame.

Lime-verbena ganache


290 g whipped cream
50 g glucose syrup
2 pieces lime zest
1 pieces lime juice
4 g verbena
650 g alunga chocolate
105 g dairy butter


Let the cream, lime zest and verbena sit for 30 minutes.
Boil the cream with the syrup.
Pour it through a sieve onto the chocolate and the butter.
Homogenize with a immersion mixer.
Spread it on the crumble.

Raspberry compote


40 g glucose syrup
270 g raspberries
270 g raspberry puree
96 g invert sugar
120 g sugar
16 g pectin NH


Heat the raspberries, puree syrup and invert sugar to 30°C.
Mash the raspberries.
Add the sugar and gelatine gradually.
Warm the mixture to 65°C.
Pour it on top of the ganache in a 5 mm thick frame.

Mexique biscuit


259 g muscovado sugar
216 g dairy butter
173 g eggs
130 g mexique chocolate
105 g patent flour
8 g vanilla sugar
4 g cocoa powder
2 g salt


Mix the butter, sugar and salt. 
Melt the chocolate.
Beat the eggs until fluffy.
Add butter to the eggs and mix in the melted chocolate.
Mix the sifted flour and cocoa powder with the egg/butter mass.
Spread it thinly on a baking tray with silicone paper.

Bake at 200°C for 8 minutes.

Raspberry ganache


200 g whipped cream
100 g raspberry puree
55 g glucose
1 pieces lime
300 g mexique chocolate
350 g papouasie chocolate
100 g dairy butter


Boil the whipped cream, puree and glucose.
Add the chocolate and lime juice.
Homogenize it with the immersion blender and cutter.
Whip it in the planet mixer.

Raspberry jelly


3 g pectin NH
75 g sugar
145 g raspberry puree


- Roll the almond crumble between a sheet of baking paper in a 4 mm thick frame.
- Replace the 4 mm frame and place a 5 mm frame on the crumble with a 2 mm frame on top. Add the lime-verbena ganache and iron smoothly.
- Then lay a frame of 3 mm and 2 mm on the ganache. Add to this the raspberry compote.
- Then put the raspberry compote on a slice of Mexican biscuit.
- Cool the mixture.
- Make 3 x 10 cm thin slices of Mexican chocolate for decoration. For the top slice, make holes in different sizes.
- Remove the mould from the interior and cut 3 x 10 cm pieces.
- Spray the raspberry ganache on top with a small nozzle.
- Put the bar on a slice of 3 x 10 cm Mexican chocolate.
- Put a slice of 3 x 10cm of Mexican chocolate on top of the bar.
- Decorate with the raspberry jelly in the bile holes. Add half a raspberry and alternate between a cress, leaf gold and almond.

Wednesday, 19 July, 2017