World Final

Welcome to the final of the World Chocolate Masters: the only competition in the world dedicated to the individual creativity of chocolatiers and patisserie chefs with chocolate.


From the more than 70 participants from over 21 countries, a professional jury selected 20 finalists to represent their country during the World Final in the Paris ‘Salon du Chocolat’, running from 31 Oct up to 02 Nov 2018 included.


During this 3-day competition event, contestants will be asked to create and/or present 7 assignments to the jury. Part of the creations can be prepared at home – part of them need to be prepared or assembled live. But each of them should reflect the Futropolis theme: in the participant’s ingredient selection, the flavours they create, the shapes and presentations you come up with… In short: their personal interpretation and creativity in taking up these challenges are what really matters.

ROUND 1: Oct 31

All 20 finalists

Assignment #1
Chocolate Travel Cake (Gâteau de Voyage)

Assignment #2
Chocolate showpiece ‘The Futropolitan’

ROUND 2: Nov 1

All 20 finalists

Assignment #3
Or Noir Chocolate Bar of the Future

Assignment #4
Chocolate Snack to Go

Assignment #5
Moulded chocolate bonbon

ROUND 3: Nov 2

10 finalists with highest score (round 1+2)

Assignment #6

Fresh Patisserie of Futropolis

Assignment #7

Chocolate design ‘City of Tomorrow’

Assignment #1
Chocolate Travel Cake

• An original and innovative concept for the chocolate travel cake that reflects the Futropolis theme.
• Weight: between 600 g and 800 g per cake – including decoration.
• The dominant flavour should be chocolate.
• The travel cakes must comply with the concept of being made with a sponge or cakelike base.
• It must have at least 3 easily identifiable textures.
• The cakes must be easy to pack and carry whilst traveling (like the original Japanese travel cakes).
• It must have a shelf life of 5 days at room temperature.
• The cake must be easy to slice with a knife.

• A creative, original interpretation of the travel cake.
• It should reflect the Futropolis theme in shape, flavours, textures and general appearance.
• The jury will test the transportability of your cake concept.
• The jury will study your recipe in detail to check shelf life.
• The jury will pay particular attention to the different textures in your cake, keeping in mind that the dominant texture should be the moist sponge.

Assignment #2
Showpiece ‘The Futropolitan’


• A chocolate showpiece reflecting the Futropolis theme.

• Made entirely out of Cacao Barry chocolate couverture and cacao derived products: plastic chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, cocoa shells, cocoa liquor, etc.

• Showcasing at least 4 different techniques (like moulding, sculpting, painting, etc.)

What we’re looking for

• The jury will be closely examining the showpiece based on the following criteria:

- originality
- use of craft and techniques instead
- details in the execution
- consistency of the way you interpret the Futropolis theme
- A balanced representation of the different techniques chosen by the contestant

• The jury challenges contestants to think about breaking the conventions of the traditional vertical showpiece. Therefore, a new base onto which the showpiece must be created, will be provided to all contestants.

Or Noir chocolate bar of the future

• A very unique chocolate bar/tablet of the future of max 100 g showcasing a fantastic pairing and a unique taste sensation in harmony/contrast with the finalist’s unique Or Noir chocolate.
• Finalists create their unique, creative and original tablet shape (no mould or shape will be provided).

• A multi-sensory experience offering exciting flavours and textures with the finalist’s unique Or Noir chocolate couverture in the lead role.
• An innovative design of their tablet/bar, reflecting the Futropolis theme.
• An original flavour pairing with their Or Noir chocolate that stimulates all senses: smell / taste / feel / looks.

Assignment #4
Chocolate snack to go


• A chocolate snack as a street food concept that requires instant preparation and/or finishing and is consumed on the go.
• Chocolate should be the dominant flavour.
• Served as single portion snacks (no sharing concepts).

What we’re looking for

• Innovative ideas that respond to the need for more ‘on the go’ snacking and street food, but with a chocolate interpretation.
• Ideas that truly differentiate a sweet snack from savoury street food ideas. Think beyond sweet interpretations of savoury snacks such as noodles, taco’s, hot dogs, hamburgers...
• Flavours and textures that reflect the Futropolis theme.
• New concepts and creative chocolate snacking ideas.

Moulded Chocolate Bonbon

• A moulded chocolate bonbon using one or more Cacao Barry couvertures: 32 pieces in total.
• The bonbon should reflect the finalist’s vision of the theme “Futropolis”: it should be a fresh, sensational experience.
• Contestants have the opportunity to create their completely unique and personalized chocolate mould to create the bonbons
• The chocolate bonbon needs to have a ganache and at least one other texture.

• Ideas that challenge the traditional bonbon and turn it into a mood-lifting, fresh experience.
• Bonbons that fully showcase your artistic craft and technical skills with chocolate.
• Exciting flavour combinations with chocolate at the heart: e.g. exciting pairings, reduced sweetness, direct flavours, evolving flavours in the mouth, etc.
• Textures that enhance the flavour sensation.

Fresh Patisserie of Futropolis


• A boutique chocolate patisserie with all the purity of a creation made entirely fresh from scratch.
• It should challenge the classic pastry conventions.
• Fresh means: “cake of the day” – in other words: freshly made, finished and presented on the day it would be sold in the shop.
• Served as individual pastries.
• Textures that enhance the flavour sensation.

What we’re looking for

• The jury would like to see contestants blur the lines between classic patisserie and restaurant desserts: pastries that have a patisserie shape, but incorporate the principles of the restaurant dessert, i.e.: freshly made; with delicate, fresh textures and finished for instant consumption.

• Delicate, fresh, light textures are key yet with intense flavours.
• A future proof fresh pastry concept.
• Original shape and design of your pastry.

Chocolate design ‘City of Tomorrow’

• A small chocolate piece of design reflecting the Futropolis theme.
• Made entirely out of Cacao Barry chocolate couverture and cacao derived products: plastic chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, cocoa shells, cocoa liquor, etc.
• Showcasing at least 6 different techniques (like moulding, sculpting, painting, etc.)

• The creations “City of Tomorrow” must be in compliance with the theme “Futropolis”.
• The jury will be closely examining the Chocolate Design based on the following criteria:
- Originality
- The jury is looking for a lot of technique and craft in the execution of the Chocolate Design
- Details in the execution
- Consistency of the interpretation of the Futropolis theme
- Personal and original interpretation of this compelling theme.


A professional jury of 20 members (one jury member per country participating in the world final) will evaluate the creations of each contestant. All scores given are monitored by the committee of Jury Presidents. They have the right to ask a jury member to justify his/her score – and to review/re-asses in case of irregularities.

The contestant that obtains the highest total score will be awarded the title of ‘World Chocolate Master’. Second and third place winners will also be announced based on 2nd highest and 3d highest scores respectively.