Amaury Guichon sided by Kirsten Tibballs, Yusuke Matsushita & Sachi Takagi

13 June 2022, Paris.
The World Chocolate Masters is thrilled to announce the Heads of its international jury for the World Final ‘22. Some of the industry’s most appreciated talents will be at the helm of this team of experts to watch over a fair and transparent course of the competition: Amaury Guichon (USA), Kirsten Tibballs (AU) and the Japanese chefs-duo Yusuke Matsushita & Sachi Takagi will take up is this role. An impressive line-up for the finalists to show their talent to.



The World Final ‘22 welcomes Amaury Guichon, the host of Netflix's School of Chocolate as head of the jury. With 9 million followers on his Instagram channel, Amaury Guichon is probably the most watched chocolatier / pastry chef on this planet.


His personal vision of creating trompe l’oeils of physical objects and figurative elements completely in chocolate conquered the world. His craftsmanship and skills have become a benchmark for chocolate creativity among many chefs. But also his take on patisserie – rooted in the French gastronomy – has become widely watched. All those elements pointed to Amaury Guichon as a chef with a remarkable and complete vision to lead the jury for this edition of the World Chocolate Masters World Final


Amaury is the head chef and co-founder of the Pastry Academy in Las Vegas (USA). After 17 years of having dedicated his life to his passion, he now shares his knowledge with the world and passes on his skills. He is not only a brilliant pastry chef, but also a prominent authority on chocolate sculptures. With nearly twelve million followers on TikTok the world appreciates the beautiful chocolate art he sculpts.


The World Chocolate Masters has appointed Amaury Guichon as Head of the Jury for the shared values they share: openness to the world, transparency, neutrality and respect for every individual finalist. His role during the World Final will consist of coaching the jury – representing the 18 participating countries – watching over the fair, neutral and transparent judging of all finalists. Traditionally, the Jury Heads are not allowed to vote or allocate any marks to safeguard their neutral character and role as arbiter in the competition.



Since its start in 2005, the World Chocolate Masters has always given free rein to finalists to express their artistic and culinary talent with chocolate. Both disciplines need to be well presented in the jury evaluation.


For this edition’s World Final, Australian pastry chef and TV celebrity Kirsten Tibballs will become responsible for the fair judging of all creations where taste prevails as Head of the jury for Taste. With her many years of expertise in Savour School, and her talent to understand the essence, Kirsten will focus on coordinating the fair and honest judgement of all assignments linked to degustation by the 18-member jury.


Kirsten also is one of the prominent female chefs around the world who made her mark on this industry. Featured on MasterChef Australia several times, as well as one of the most followed female pastry chefs on Instagram, Tibballs is regularly referred to as the ‘Queen of Chocolate’ due to her contribution to the chocolate industry.



Last, but definitely not least, Japanese chefs-duo Yusuke Matsushita and Sachi Takagi will side Guichon and Tibballs as Heads of jury focusing on the artistic skills of the finalists. Their task: watch over the fair judgement by all jury members when it comes to evaluating the artistic skills of the 18 finalists.


The World Chocolate Masters has solicited the Japanese chefs-duo for this role, for their incredible talent to create unique shapes and an own visual language. Their unrivalled attention to detail and perseverance of bringing artistry in patisserie and confectionery make them the dream duo to complete the Jury Heads team. It can be witnessed for instance in the products they create for RAU, their pastry shop in Kyoto Japan.



Currently, the nomination and selection of the international jury is at full speed. The names of the 18 chefs who will evaluate the creations of all finalists will be announced soon. They each are captains of industry in the respective 18 participating countries and have built their reputation on their professionalism and sense for creativity that make a cut above the rest. With the complete jury line-up taking shape, we’re well on our way to one of the most exciting World Finals in the history of the World Chocolate Masters.


It will be a unique opportunity for each of the 18 finalists to meet, exchange know-how with and impress the jury with their concepts, creations and skills.

WCM Bootcamp 2022


From April 25 to 26, all 18 finalists will meet for the first time in Barcelona for an all immersive 2-day bootcamp. They’ll receive their briefings for the final, get to join interactive workshops around plant-based patisserie and flavour pairings and see their 3D chocolate designs come to life.


The World Chocolate Masters World Final ‘22 will be held at Salon Du Chocolat from October 29 to October 31 ‘22. The aim of the competition is to advance creative chocolate artisanship and showcase new talent. Eighteen countries will send their top talent to compete for the prestigious title of World Chocolate Master.


The 2022 World Final of the World Chocolate Masters will take place in:
Salon Du Chocolat
Porte de Versailles, PARIS
29 OCT – 31 OCT 2022


The event will be livestreamed at:


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Wednesday, 29 June, 2022