This was pastry play,
live from the South East European National Selection


For the freshest assignment of this National Selection, contestants needed to create a pastry with a fun spin to it. To get a high score, each chef had to offer the jury in a convincing pairing of flavours, and their pastry had to consist of at least 1 fresh chocolate, 1 local ingredient, and a minimum of 3 textures.

The most challenging part? They had to do it all from scratch with very limited time. Their creations were not only beautifully designed, but had amazing taste. Remember to check out our social media channels to take a look at the rest of this competition's assignments!

Rosehip & Saint Domingue

by Pavel Tanev

A playful combination of a crunchy base and an airy mousse. The fun continues with the pairing of flavours: tangy rosehip and a mousse made with sour Bulgarian buffalo milk and Cacao Barry Zéphyr Caramel.

Earthly Accident

by Sofoklis Andreou

A soft sponge cake in opposition to a cocoa and pumpkin seeds crunchy. Just like its textures, this pastry has a surprising flavour pairing: aromatic lemon basil flowers and the caramel notes of Cacao Barry Ghana.


by Marinel Bejan

With a focus on creamy textures, the contestant features his first OrNoir in this assignment: a dark chocolate with moderate acidity and tobacco aromas. He pairs it with pickled apples and a caramel ganache.

Bees Heritage

by Vlad Niculescu

In this creation, the sweetness of honey comes in to counter the powerful taste of the cocoa mass. The chewy and soft character of this pastry matches the sweet and sour cocoa taste of Callebaut 811 chocolate.

Tuesday, 26 March, 2024