Italy's National Selection

The first assignment of this National Selection was SHARE THE FUN. For the contestants, this was the time to surprise!


The task was to create a wowing, playful and delicious chocolate delight to share with 6 friends or family members after dinner. This dessert should replace a gift, like a bottle of wine you'd bring to a party or evening meal. They were also asked to create a sharing dessert with a generous, festive and playful character: designed to be enjoyed in good company.


These were the stunning results of the Italian National Selection:


by chef Francesco Maggio


Contestant Francesco Maggio chose the fresh and acidic notes of the clementines and mandarins, amplified with the dominant cocoa taste of Cacao Barry Alunga, and balanced out with the tenuous flavour of mascarpone.


As for the dessert's structure, Francesco played with layers and textures for an imaginative result. He did it by combining a spongy Alunga and mandarin financier, the crispy crunch of Alunga and dried clementine zest, the creaminess of a Bavarois, also with Alunga, an airy mascarpone cremeux made with Cacao Barry Zéphyr, and a heart of freshly made citrus gel.


Covering the stimulating flavours and textures, there was a crunchy layer of chocolates creating a wholesome bite: slightly sweet Alunga milk chocolate and Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate, a powerful cocoa flavour with hints of coffee and chestnuts.


by chef Tommaso Grollero


This was Tommaso Grollero's Sharing Dessert for Italy's National Selection. In his quest to play with the senses, the contestant used Cacao Barry Madirofolo as the main ingredient. Tommaso matched the dark chocolate's citrusy bitterness and sour wood notes with the aromas of oranges and rum. Together, these flavours created a contrast with the round taste of the almonds.


As a sensorial experience of aromatic flavours, the smoothness of the Madirofolo ganache-based biscuit stood out from the crumbs of Amaretto, made with Cacao Barry Ghana and Cacao Barry Pure Almonds Paste. To further enhance the smoothness, the contestant incorporated almond cream, and a rum whipped cream made with the pastry's main chocolate: Madirofolo.The taste and texture of the creation as a whole were enhanced by the tangy touch of orange jelly.

Queen’s gambit

by chef Mohammed Elkourik


This was the first assignment presented by Mohammed Elkourik in the WCM Italian National Selection. To achieve balance, he chose Cacao Barry Alto el Sol and Zéphyr chocolates. The dominant bitterness of the dark chocolate supported the acidity of red fruit tea and raspberries. And the softness of the white chocolate offered a subtle sweetness, perfectly complementing the taste of the dates.


The texture of his dessert was as playful as its design. It featured a weightless biscuit made with Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Guayaquil. The creamy components included a silky red fruit tea cremeux, a balanced compote of raspberries and dates, and an intense yet smooth mousse of Alto el Sol. The cacao sablé brought all of these distinct textures together.


Just like chess, the game which inspired his creation, the pieces of Mohammed's sharing dessert showcased the playfulness of the WCM theme.


by chef Eris Mone


Eris Mone's Share the Fun assignment was a sweet treat during the Italian National Selections for WCM. The textures the contestant chose for his sharing dessert looked to create an overall smooth bite. It featured: an airy sponge cake with Cacao Barry Pure Hazelnut Paste, a smooth chocolate mousse crafted with Callebaut 811, and some extra softness that came straight from Cacao Barry Gianduja Dark.


Rich simplicity seemed to be a recurrent approach for the contestant, as he presented a sharing dessert that celebrated a well-known Italian combination of flavours: chocolate and hazelnuts.

Saturday, 20 January, 2024