South East European National Selection


The chefs used every second they had to create these mind blowing creations. After wrapping up the finishing details, the jury members had the tough task to deliver upon all bonbons. Have you seen their designs yet? Don't forget to check our social media for more details and let us know which bonbon you liked the most!

There was more than meets the eye for this assignment. The WHIMSICAL BONBON was expected to be ride of textures and pairings. Contestants had to make a classic chocolate format but with an innovative approach. A bonbon without artificial ingredients, exciting to eat, and with at least two different textures (without including the shell). The results? Explore them yourself:

Magic Mushroom

by Vlad Niculescu
A dark snappy shell that surrounds a slight acid taste, paired with 3 Cacao Barry chocolates: a woody Saint Domingue, an intense Lactée Barry, and a slightly sweet Alunga.

The Key

by Marinel Bejan

A juicy and silky bonbon that continues the Jumanji game theme of the contestant. The pronounced fruity flavours stand out next to the intense aroma of Cacao Barry's Mexique dark chocolate.

Double Side Battle

by Sofoklis Andreou
Cacao Barry's Ghana and Équateur chocolates make up the duality of the bonbon shells for this double-sided creation. As for the flavour combination, the contestant chose bitterness for one side, and a buttery salty taste on the other.


by Pavel Tanev
A robust couverture with a silky ganache and a crunchy layer. These textures draw attention to the bonbon's main ingredients: Bulgarian rose and Cacao Barry Zéphyr Caramel.

Monday, 25 March, 2024