World Chocolate Masters ‘24/25 kicks off
A new theme and national selections in ‘24

24 May 2023, Paris – The World Chocolate Masters – the world’s leading competition dedicated to chocolate – opens the applications for its new ‘24/25 cycle to professionals in the confectionery, patisserie and hospitality industries around the world. The new theme ‘Play!’ is inviting them to re-think how chocolate brings fun and indulgence, while rewarding emerging consumer expectations. National and Regional Selections will take place in 2024, ahead of the world final in autumn 2025. Chefs & artisans who want to participate must submit their applications latest 3 months before their national selection at

Powered by the Chocolate AcademyTM – Supported by Cacao Barry, Callebaut and Mona Lisa

As of the new ‘24/25 cycle, the Chocolate AcademyTM will become the prime partner of the World Chocolate Masters. With its 27 training centres around the world, the Chocolate AcademyTM has proven its indispensable role in coaching and training all chefs taking part in this thrilling competition. With its new online platform, the Chocolate AcademyTM brings chocolate know-how to kitchens around the world – empowering chefs to be at their creative best.
Cacao Barry, Callebaut and Mona Lisa are the main supporting brands behind the competition. They will make their expertise and chocolate products available to the contestants to explore new territories.

The new theme ‘Play!’ sparks fun and positivity

The new WCM theme ‘Play!’ expresses what chefs do with chocolate: making people happy and excited. The competition asks all contestants to rethink how chocolate creations will fit new consumer lifestyles while providing a daily dose of indulgence.


The competition also urges all contestants to consider sustainable choices to make people and the planet happy by avoiding food waste, reducing our footprint, etc. And ‘Play!’ is also about playing with nutrients to create fresh, tasty and good-for-you delights.


All information about the new theme and the assignments for the National Selections can be downloaded from



Barry Callebaut – World Chocolate Masters


The World Chocolate Masters is the world’s only competition dedicated to the creative talent of artisans and chefs with chocolate. Since its first edition in 2005, the competition has grown into an inspiring platform where you’ll see trends in chocolate first – fuelled by changing consumer needs and shaped by the creative skills of talents from around the world. What is created at the World Chocolate Masters finds its way to the high streets in the years to come.


Unique for the competition format is its focus on the individual performance of each of the participating chefs in their 2-year journey from national selection to world final. Throughout its history, the competition has offered unseen networking opportunities to all chefs who participated. In the words of Masters such as Vincent Vallée and Elias Läderach: ‘It’s a journey that fuels us, makes us more complete as chefs and helps us to push our own limits. And even if we are competitors, the exchange we have with chefs from other parts in the world is invaluable.’


The World Chocolate Masters is also a springboard for the international careers of participating chefs. Creative talents such as Naomi Mizuno (JP), Shigeo Hirai (JP) Frank Haasnoot (NL), Davide Comaschi (IT), Vincent Vallée (FR), Elias Läderach (CH) and Lluc Crusellas (ES) saw their career opportunities and recognition literally explode overnight after winning the world finals.


In 2025, during the upcoming world final, the competition will celebrate its 20th anniversary.


World Chocolate Masters timeline ‘24/25 cycle


  • • Applications to participate in the National and Regional Selections are open as of 24 May ’23 and close 3 months prior to the National or Regional selection.
  • • The National and Regional Selections will take place as of January ’24 until December ’24. The dates and locations of the first National Selections will be announced on May 24 on our website and social channels - updates and new dates/locations will be added as soon as they are known.
  • • For each participating country or region, only one finalist will represent his or her nation in the World Final in ’25. • In the run-up to the final, all finalists will be hosted at a 2-day bootcamp for a full-immersive, creative experience to prepare for the final.
  • • The World Final will take place later in ’25 (date and location to be announced).
Tuesday, 23 May, 2023