Cacao Barry
For pioneers like you

Cacao Barry is proud to announce and support the 7th edition of the World Chocolate Masters. More than ever, this competition is about the new generations of chefs and their quest for future flavours. A journey we have in common.


Today, infused with the pioneering spirit of Charles Barry in 1872, Cacao Barry deep dives into the world’s cocoa flavours and brings them to chefs all over the world. Each with a unique story: the flavours are the fruit of farmers’ expertise on cocoa species, terroir and innovative fermentation techniques. Through CacaoCollective, we share this expertise with chefs in order to elevate their creativity and work as a source of inspiration.


Enjoy this trip we call the World Chocolate Masters. Cacao Barry wishes you amazing discoveries in the flavour landscape and an inspiring journey.


Monday, 19 September, 2016