German national selection

The main conclusion of the jury during the Germany national selections was that all contestants showed excellent skills in crafting innovative chocolate desserts. Their use of ingredients, fruity flavours and interesting designs formed an exciting addition to this competition and the many rounds to come.

What the jury tasted

Yuzu, passion fruit, beetroot, thyme, tonka bean and Cacao Barry Zephyr by Martin Studeny

Lemon, quinoa, rum, raspberry, vanilla and almond and Cacao Barry Parline Héritage 65% by Moritz Obermayer

Almonds, orange, yellow paprika, vanilla, caramel and Cacao Barry 72% Venezuela by Anne Kamp

Cononut, black beans, tonka bean, mango and avocado and Cacao Barry Alto el Sol  by Antonia Majunke

Monday, 27 March, 2017