Two outstanding candidates, Tor Stubbe and Eero Paulamäki, faced each other for a second time in this competition. Just like last time, both contestants showed great skills and high determination to deliver nothing but the best. Have a look at some of the highlights!

What the jury tasted

Fresh Pastry by Tor Stubbe
“Trigonopolis” - Chocolate sponge, ganache, lemon verbena sponge, sesame crunch, raspberry cremeux, raspberry gel, Kefir-namelaka

Chocolate Snack To Go by Tor Stubbe
“Triple theobromine” – Cocoa pulp sorbet and gel, salted caramel, alunga and hazelnut ice cream, pancake with fermented honey, cacao napkin.

Fresh Pastry by Eero Paulamäki
“Calmness” - Inaya & orange ganache, puffed honeycomb, lingonberry sorbet and fluid gel, caramel pudding, Lingonberry Agar, rye cookie, chocolate financier.

Chocolate Snack To Go by Eero Paulamäki
“The beehive” - Chocolate puff pastry, cloudberry fluid gel, Cuba 70% namelaka, cloudberry jam, Ghana 40% and honey Chantilly ganache, sea buckthorn caviar, puffed honeycomb

Tuesday, 7 November, 2017