"Competitions like the World Chocolate Masters are crucial to turn trade trends into global ones."

In the words of Massimo Carnio
2015 World Chocolate Masters finalist

“I believe that international competitions like the World Chocolate Masters are crucial to develop new techniques in chocolate and turn trade trends into global ones. Liaising with the best experts in the world, participants are motivated to improve and innovate their recipes and performance even further. In the end, each contestant benefits greatly from participating in the World Chocolate Masters.”


“Having the chance to participate in the World Chocolate Masters is an opportunity itself and, to me, being selected for the final was a personal victory. Training for one year or more means growing professionally, mastering concepts and techniques, and having the chance to learn from the masters of the metier. And let's not forget that competing in a competition with international resonance inevitably leads to new professional opportunities.”


“I believe that we’ll definitely see some kind of innovation during the next World Chocolate Masters, but the true challenge is finding something truly innovative that will remain relevant in a world where trends have a very short lifespan.”


Discover chef Carnio's 'Triumph of Chocolate and Raspberry' recipe.


Monday, 19 September, 2016