The reach of Chocolate Academy™
Shaping the future of chocolate talent

The Chocolate Academy™ played a fundamental role in the iconic World Chocolate Masters competition. Chocolate Academy™ chefs were godparents to the finalists of the 2022 edition of the biggest international chocolate battle at Salon du Chocolat, in Paris.


During the three days of competition, they supported international finalists throughout one of the most important moments of their chocolate careers. But the work of the godparents didn’t start there.


More than a year before WCM 2022, Chocolate Academy™ chefs started guiding and encouraging finalists around the world. Finalists received the support they needed in their quest to win the title of World Chocolate Master.

State-of-the-art and unexpected chocolate techniques were witnessed during WCM 2022. From modified classics, such as a bonbon created from the inside out instead of using moulding or enrobing. To completely new techniques that allow chocolate shapes to release themselves from a stencil.


The videos on these innovative chocolate techniques are available on the Chocolate Academy™ website.

After having shown their skill and creative talent in the most important chocolate competition worldwide, some finalists and jury members were invited to become a part of the renowned Chocolate Ambassadors Club.


With more chocolate experts joining soon, Chef Helena Fléglová, a jury member from the Czech Republic, and Chinese Super Finalist, Jacky Lung have already become Chocolate Ambassadors.

Looking to build the chocolate world of tomorrow, Chocolate Academy™ centers around the world have also invited WCM chefs to share courses and special appearances in their international branches.


The list of names includes Belgian WCM Jury Member, David Maenhout, whose course is already available. Current World Chocolate Master, Lluc Crusellas, will talk about his experience and offer a demonstration at the Barcelona Chocolate Academy™ on the 15th of May.

Find the inspiration and teachings you need to elevate your chocolate craft. Discover the tutorials, courses and special events hosted by Chocolate Academy™ and become part of a skilled global community of chocolate experts.

Wednesday, 22 February, 2023