The Greater China selection round of the World Chocolate Masters showcased 11 chefs determined to impress the jury - and the people following the live coverage at home. With four different creations each, they clearly outlined their vision of what #TMRW_TASTES_LOOKS_FEELS_LIKE⁠.


From #TASTE, to #BONBONS, to #DESIGN. We saw talent, vision and a deep and unrelenting passion for the chocolate-making process. This selection round was hallmarked by a passion for trying to recapture the basics: true delicious and indulgent chocolate making. So, watch out world. The next Greater Chinese Chocolate Master, Jacky Lung, will be sure to make a claim for the world title in 2022.


We cannot wait to see what the future brings. Are you excited, too?

Friday, 15 October, 2021