Ian Mark
UK & Ireland national selection: All about the flavours and designs chosen by the world finalist

During this regional National Selection, 4 chefs pushed the limits of chocolate imagination to level up through challenging assignments with the hopes of being crowned UK & Ireland's World Finalist.

Presided by Marc Demarquette, the jury members recognised the original interpretation of the theme "Play!" and the talent showcased by Ian Mark, ultimately awarding him with the highest score of the competition and the title of World Finalist.

Throughout all assignments, Ian displayed a strong preference for subtle chocolates with character, such as Cacao Barry's Alunga and Ghana milk chocolates. As for flavour pairings, there was a strong sense of balance, expressed through combinations between acid and sweet ingredients, or mixing nutty and refreshing taste palettes.

But this chocolate journey is just beginning. Ian will be representing UK and Ireland in the World Final of World Chocolate Masters. He will once again face challenging assignments. This time, with the objective of being named the new World Chocolate Master. If you can't wait to see how the competition develops, follow us on Instagram to stay updated!

Ian's creations

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Thursday, 18 April, 2024