What were the favourite flavours of "SHARE THE FUN" in UK & Ireland?

The first assignment of this competition was a challenge with sweet results. The prompt was to craft a 6-people dessert that would serve as an after-dinner treat, or replace the "bottle of wine gift" one could take to a dinner party. Design, practicality and flavour were all tested against the highest standards. The results? A feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Take a look at the details of all SHARE THE FUN creations here:

Divide + Conker

by Graham Mairs

An explosion of textures that opens the door to a sensory journey led by 3 main elements: the chestnuts offers an intense spice that gives this dessert its surprising character. The Sycamore honey brings local sweetness to the mix. The sweet yet strong flavour of the ale powers the previous ingredients, and it's balanced out by the pure cocoa taste of the Inaya dark chocolate by Cacao Barry.

Exploded Rubix

by Ian Mark
Just like the Rubix cube, this sharing dessert is like an intricate classic — a combination of chocolates with distinct taste profiles, presented with different textures. A heart of mango is surrounded by a smooth cremeux crafted with Cacao Barry Alunga milk chocolate. A rich brownie made with Madirofolo dark chocolate by Cacao Barry complements the initial softness. The dark chocolate glaze adds a rich finishing touch to this chocolatey creation.


by Xun Yao

A delicate combination of dissonant yet well-paired ingredients. The sponge sheet offers the caramel notes of Cacao Barry's Plein Arôme and is covered by the smoothness of a rich mousse crafted with the floral notes of Cacao Barry Tanzanie dark chocolate. Made with cidre, the apple compote completes the taste profile of the dessert with a touch of sweet bitterness.

Taste your luck! 

by Kevin Ng

Carnival-inspired, different textures meet to give life to a game of flavours. The texture of the puff pastry is countered with a cremeux prepared with the milky notes of Cacao Barry Alunga. The woody notes of Cacao Barry's Fleur de Cao add richness to the cremeux, and the praline brings a touch of crunch and vanilla sweetness.

Tuesday, 9 April, 2024