This was pastry play,
live from Poland's National Selection

For the freshest assignment of the day, contestants were asked for a fun spin on the iconic pastry format. To win over the jury, the chefs had to immerse the jury in a surprising pairing of flavours, and their pastry had to consist of at least 1 fresh chocolate, 1 local ingredient, and at least 3 textures. The most challenging bit? They had to do it all from scratch in a single competition day. Did you see their incredible creations? Head to our social media channels and let us know which one was your favourite!

The Clover

by Łukasz Roguski

Featuring a rich combo of textures and flavours, This creation featured a soft sponge cake with silky Cacao Barry Alunga chocolate mousse and regional Old Polish liquor KAMPINOSKA ORZECHOWKA.

Strawberry Tart
by Jakub Janiuk


A fresh bite made with strawberries native to Lublin, basil, and tea. The contestant pairs the main ingredients with the aromatic hints of Cacao Barry Lactée Supérieure.

The Ring of Power Star
by Karol Płachta


This was a sweet gift that was also Instagrammable: cinnamon ganache made with Cacao Barry’s Ambre Java and Saint Domingue chocolates, and “Strzelecka” and “Węgierka” jelly as the local superstar.

by Anna Siwiec-Kaczmarczyk


Lule is intriguing by design: a delicate cake containing cherries, cherry vodka, and yoghurt. The flavours are brought together by the sour and fruity notes of the Callebaut Madagascar chocolate.

Friday, 23 February, 2024