The Swiss National Selection is almost here

In 4 days, the Swiss National Selection of this edition of World Chocolate Masters, will take place. 3 chefs will test their skills in the most anticipated chocolate battle in the world.

Jolanda Stgier, Heidi Eberhard, and Quentin Guirao will be showcasing their creative talent by following assignments that challenge them to 'Play!' with flavours, textures, and designs.

The jury for Switzerland's National Selection will be presided by Felicia Ludwig. The experienced jury members will include: Jérémy Ramsauer, Urs Meichtry and Christophe Löffel.

The contestants are the top talents in their field. But only one of them can take home the title of World Finalist to represent Switzerland in WCM 2025. Don't miss a beat of this National Selection, follow us on Instagram for LIVE updates!

Friday, 26 January, 2024