Polish National Selection

The whimsical bonbons of the Polish National Selection

The chefs were truly on a roll! After finishing the last details of their second assignment, each of them presented their bonbons to the jury. Were you also in awe of what they crafted? Be sure to check out our social media channels and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

This second assignment, also known as the WHIMSICAL BONBON, was a joyride of textures and unexpected pairings. The chefs were asked to make a classic chocolate format but with an innovative approach. A bonbon without any artificial ingredients, exciting to eat, and with a minimum of two different textures (without including the shell). The results? Impossible to resist:

Olive Eye

By Anna Siwiec-Kaczmarczyk


Olive Eye was made to combine pleasure and healthy eating. The recipe is dominated by the flavours and health benefits of bergamot, apples, citrus fruits, and the velvety taste of Cacao Barry Zéphyr.

Chocolate Amber

by Jakub Janiuk


Its shape and colour embody the Amber Polish gemstone. Its taste crafted with organic components only: delicate sea buckthorn & yuzu gel, intense Cacao Barry Madirofolo ganache, and crispy with cocoa beans & citrus fruits.

Delight Toad's

by Karol Płachta


Delight Toad's ll-vegan praline! A zesty tangerine and yuzu jelly combined with a soft yuzu ganache and rich hazelnut ganache with Frangelico liqueur & Callebaut NXT.

Play Button

By Łukasz Roguski


This Play Button bonbon is made of a soft base of Cacao Barry Lactée Caramel and Callebaut GOLD, a crunchy layer of caramel, and the surprising sweetness of apricots in the form of a runny gel — all combined into a playful shape.

Thursday, 22 February, 2024