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Cacao Barry Fleur de Cacao 70% Dark  Chocolaté , Agrume  , Star anise , Almond 

In the world , There have many kind of fruit and herbes , but citrus and star anise i love It So Much , and give a spécial taste Inside the chocolaté , i twill take balance and will not fright the flavour when you eat it.

Recipe components

Agrume Jelly


1 :Mix all the juice and vanilla seed  and warm it
2 :mix the pectine NH and sugar together and pour in the puree
3 :bring it boil to 103 degree ,
4 :keep in fridge to cool down and mix it before use

  • 147g
    orange juice
  • 56g
    mandarin puree
  • 22g
    Calamansi Purée
  • 98g
    grapefruit puree
  • 2g
    Vanilla seeds
  • 82g
  • 4g
    NH pectin

Star anise Ganache


1: bring the Cream with the Star anise boil and infuce 1hours
2: separate the star anise and boil with Trehalose , butter and glucose 
3:cool down to 60 degree and pour in the mixture of chocolate and cocoa butter 
4:blend it and use at 34degree


Almond praline crunchy


1 :melt the milk chocolate and the cocoa butter to 45degree
2 :mix all the dry ingrédient with the chocolate 
3 :use at 24degree