DELIGANT “I”: Growing Cocoa Bonbon

level 1

My DELIGANT for this assignment is the deliciousness associated with the elegance to innovate a new crafting technique.

Rather than the molded bonbons that abound in the world, this Bonbon chocolat was created with a new and original crafting technique that was inspired by the original cacao tree found in nature. This Bonbon is taking all the natural steps of a cocoa pod on its cocoa tree. It is like the cocoa fruit, growing little by little with each layer and is harvested when reaching its full maturity. I believe that this unique crafting technique is a true innovation that mimics nature and brings a new freshness to the usual molded bonbon chocolat.

All the themes of WCM are linked with my "DELIGANT" concept. In #BONBON, I express "Delicious+Innovation '', as for the "I" of DELIGANT. delIgant" = "Delicious + Innovation" = #BONBON


Recipe components

Vanilla Ganache


Step 1. Add the spices to the cream and stir until infused.

Step 2. Add the cream from step 1 to the chocolate and mix well.

Step 3. Add inverted sugar and butter and mix to make ganache.

  • 478g
    Cacao Barry White Chocolate Zéphyr™ 34% (CHW-N34ZEPH-126)
  • 226g
    fresh cream 35%
  • 61g
    unsalted butter
  • 35g
    inverted sugar
  • 1piece(s)
    Vanilla beans
  • 0,5g

Praline Muscovado Walnuts


Step 1. Make caramel with granulated sugar and brown sugar.

Step 2. Make praline by grinding the walnuts, salt, cocoa butter and caramel made in Step 1.

Step 3. Combine with melted chocolate.


Chocolate spray


Step 1. Melt the cocoa butter and stir in the cocoa powder.


Assembly and finishing

Assembly step 1. Dip the ganache #2 using the special equipment.

Assembly step 2. When the ganache has hardened, dip the ganache #3 and then dip the praline #4.

Assembly step 3. Squeeze the apple semi-confit into the center and cover with the praline #4.

Assembly step 4. Spray chocolate #5 with a spray gun .