2017 September 27
Russian preselections


Anna Galashova

Age: 36
Nationality: Russian
Work: Pastry studio "Exclusiv" (Ekaterinburg)

Artem Glushkov

Age: 34
Nationality: Russian
Work"ChefMarket" LLC (Irkutsk)

Yulia Ivanova

Age: 32
Nationality: Russian
WorkAstoria Hotel (Saint Petersburg)

Sergey Kulkin

Age: 36
Nationality: Russian
WorkGinger, LLC (Moscow)

Anna Kuzina

Age: 25
Nationality: Russian
Work: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Igor Melnikov

Age: 29
Nationality: Russian
WorkG-1 Entertainment (Vladivostok)

Sergey Rulev

Age: 29
Nationality: Russian
WorkCafé de Arts restaurant (Moscow)

Alexey Tsyplyaev

Age: 27
Nationality: Russian
WorkCulinary studio "Confiteria" (Chabarovsk)


The Russian national qualifying rounds take place at:


Chocolate Academy

Novoyasenevskiy prospekt 2A bld.1
117574 Moscow



Competition Day (8 hours)

8:30AM Opening ceremony

9:00AM Start of the competition

11:30AM Tasting of the moulded chocolate bonbon

1:00PM Tasting of pastry 'Fresh Flavors of Futropolis

3:00PM Tasting of the Chocolate Snack to Go

5:00PM Presentation of the chocolate showpiece 'The Futropolitan' and end of competition for all contestants

6:30PM Proclamation of the finalist for the World Final in 2018


For more information: +7 495 987 14 84

Live updates: here