Jérémy Monsel
As the 2-day national selection ends, we get to meet North America's world finalist

Although all passionate and immensly creative with their chocolate skills, only one of the contestants in the North American National Selection could take home the ultimate prize.

Take a closer look at World Finalist Jérémy Monsel. This chef scored the highest points in an intense and challenging competition that will stay with him for good. The theme "Play!" was remarkably executed through creations that showed the chef's preference for the fragrant and fruity notes of Cacao Barry's Mexique dark chocolate, which was used throughout all assignments. Along with his choice of chocolate, he offered exotic combinations that included multiple tropical fruits and even a vegetable!

Jury President Yvan Chevalier and the talented jury members joined in the celebrattion for the incredible display of talent of this National Selection. Together, they also singled out the chef that will be representing North America in the World Final.

The battle isn't over yet. Jérémy will head back to the kitchen to practice and be prepared for the World Final, where he will seek out the ultimate recognition: being crowned the new World Chocolate Master.

Jérémy's creations

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Sunday, 19 May, 2024