North American National Selection

This group of chefs didn't waste a second when they were asked to create a WHIMSICAL BONBON. For this assignment, it wasn't enough to catch the jury members' eyes. They had to win them over with incredible flavour pairings.

The challenge didn't stop there. Chefs had to deliver their bonbons making sure they combined different textures for a sensorial experience. Sounds like something you'd like to try?

Raspberry reppercorn alunga

by Joshua Cain

A bonbon with a prismatic design effect that fosters different textures for a multi-sensorial experience. The tangy and soft ganache is at the heart, crafted with raspberries and the creamy milkiness of Alunga milk chocolate by Cacao Barry. A confit of pink peppercorns offer a touch of spice. For some crisp, a hazelnut crunch crafted with Cacao Barry's Pure Pâte Noisettes.


by Jérémy Monsel

A low-sugar creation with a shape that combines 3D-printing and thermoforming techniques. The bitterness of lime zest contrasts with the taste of a salted praline made with the smooth cocoa body and sweet, caramelly notes of Calebaut 823. The caramel ganache completes the taste profile with the slightly sweet taste of Cacao Barry's Alunga milk chocolate and the fragrant nuts taste of Cacao Barry's Mexique dark chocolate.

Fir tree

by Joel Latiff

For this creation, the chef is driven by the contrasts in nature. A crispy pine nut crunch meets a smooth smoked ganache crafted with wine and the intense woodiness of Cacao Barry Venezuela dark chocolate. The shell of the bonbon rounds up the overall taste profile of the creation with the floral spices of Cacao Barry Saint Domingue.

Beet poppers

by Ruchit Harneja

India's Holi festival makes a bright reappearance in this bonbon. Sticking to the taste profile of his previous assignments, the chef brings back earthy notes with a ganache of salted beets combined with the smooth texture and strong whole milk flavour of Cacao Barry's Zéphyr white chocolate. As a culinary surprise, the popping candies offer a tingling sensation.


by Charlotte Wang
Inspired by classic Japanese ingredients. This rice bonbon evokes Japanese simplicity in a combination of sake and puffed wild rice. To elevate the bonbon, the chef chose to mix the authentic cocoa flavour of Cacao Barry Alunga milk chocolate with the fragrant and gingerbread notes of Cacao Barry Mexique dark chocolate.

Citrus Café Bonbons

by Francis Nguyen

This bonbon plays with bittersweet sensations. Slight bitterness comes from a coffee ganache made with 3 Cacao Barry chocolates and their distinctive flavours: the slightly sweet taste of Alunga milk chocolate, the hints of coffee and chestnut of Extra-Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate, and the bouquet of aromatic hints of Lactée Superieure milk chocolate.

Bonbon Souvenir D'enfanc

by Judith Lamontagne

Inspired by jelly bean candies that spark joy among children. A nutty pecan praline is enhanced in flavour and texture with a mix of 4 spices and apples. The bonbon is rounded off with the slightly sweet taste and blend of creamy milkiness offered by Cacao Barry Alunga milk chocolate.


by Matt LoCurto
A playful take on how to bring together comforting flavours that offer a nostalgic sensation. The chef pairs a bright and acid raspberry caramel with a sweet-and-savoury ganache that features the sweet chestnut and caramel notes of Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate. The overall taste profile of the bonbon ends being a smooth rich nutty flavour.

Power - Power Drum

by Sumant Sharma

Inspired by the exotic taste of the "Thandai" Indian summer drink. The fresh and unique flavour of this bonbon comes from combining a traditional blend of ayurvedic spices with the brightness of raspberries. In the bonbon, the chef highlights 3 contrasting chocolates: the silky texture of Cacao Barry Zéphyr Caramel, the power of Extra-Bitter Guayaquil by Cacao Barry, and the pronounced milky and vanilla notes of Callebaut's W2.

Thursday, 16 May, 2024