These were the share assignments of the North American national selection

A memorable 2-day chocolate battle started with the contestants fighting against the clock to complete the first assignment: SHARE THE FUN. The creations were their first step into the spotlight, and they did not disappoint.

As we know, SHARE THE FUN is a dessert with chocolate at the heart. This delight should serve as a dinner gift and serve 6 people. How did these talented contestants express the spirit of "Play!" in this sharing dessert? Find out here:

Tanzanie exotic

by Joshua Cain

The chef designed a dessert to inspire playfulness through the pairing of exotic flavours. A pineapple agar, a coconut dacquoise and a splash of vanilla created a tropical feel in every bite. The fruitiness was complemented with the cacao bitterness of Cacao Barry's Tanzanie dark chocolate, and the strong caramel milk taste of Zéphyr Caramel chocolate, also by Cacao Barry.

The butterfly's flight

by Jérémy Monsel

Powerful notes of dark chocolate distributed into 2 textures meet in a puzzle-inspired dessert. On a chocolate sablé and biscuit as base, an exotic compote of mango, banana, and passion meets a touch of lime zest. As the main chocolate of this creation, Cacao Barry's Tanzanie dark chocolate brings all the flavours together with its strong fruitiness and bitterness.

Fall in Toronto

by Joel Latiff

A sharing dessert focused on smooth sensations. The earthy notes come from the beet ganache and compote. The avocado cream offers extra smoothness and neutrality. The texture is enhanced with the extremely soft and subtly sweet Cacao Barry Zéphyr white chocolate. To foster sweet silkiness, the chef chooses the olive notes of Saint Domingue dark chocolate by Cacao Barry.

Sesa-Amazing sitoliya

by Ruchit Harneja

A dessert inspired by the fun shared in a traditional Indian game played with stones. Toasted sesame brings nutty umami notes, which are met with the slightly sweet taste of Cacao Barry Alunga milk chocolate. Rich and nutty, the blondie offers the toffee notes of Callebaut GOLD paired with brown butter. To add dimension and surprising crisp, the chef works with caramelised black sesame.

Berry Ball 

by Charlotte Wang

Representing a farm-to-table concept, this dessert focuses on a spicy touch that adds to a sweet chocolate combination. It's a game between the sour and fruity notes of Callebaut's RB1 chocolate and the notes of olives offered by the Saint Domingue dark chocolate by Cacao Barry. Extra fruitiness is added to the mix thanks to the saskatoon berries and pink peppercorn.

Le Voyage des Saveurs

by Judith Lamontagne

The freshness of the wind is represented in an apple jelly that meets a zesty lime ganache made with the authentic cocoa flavour of Cacao Barry Alunga milk chocolate. For a delicate touch of sweetness, a honey chantilly cream. To balance out the taste profile of the small cake, a dark chocolate ganache that features the dominant bitterness of Cacao Barry Alto el Sol, and decorations made with Cacao Barry's Saint Domingue dark chocolate and its floral spices.

Citrus Bliss Chocolate Delight

by Francis Nguyen
A dessert that represents the playfulness of surprises. This creation combines a zesty orange jelly with a the velvety texture. Completing these components, there's the taste profiles of 2 Cacao Barry milk chocolates: the delicate roasted cocoa taste of Mi-Amère dark chocolate, and the Alunga milk chocolate with its subtle biscuity notes and creamy milkiness.

Chocolate Passionfruit Latte

by Matt LoCurto

A dance of opposing flavours that complement each other. The brightness of the passion fruit curd plays with the depth and the roasted hints of coffee. At the same time, the intensity of a brownie made with Callebaut's Ecuador dark chocolate marries the strong caramel milk taste of Cacao Barry's Zéphyr Caramel chocolate in the coffee cremeux.

Spirit - Water Gun

by Sumant Sharma

Inspired by the colourful "Holi" Indian festival and the spice variety that country has to offer. This dessert features a base of roasted almond cake with a smooth coconut filling and an almond crunch for extra texture. Representative fresh turmeric and maca make their appearance in the ganache, an exotic match for the strawberry and lime compote. Sweetness and smoothness are preferred for the choice of chocolates, a gentle flavour combination of Callebaut's 823 and GOLD.

Wednesday, 15 May, 2024