These were the pastry play assignments
of the North American national selection

A fresh pastry that needed to be created on the spot with the clock ticking! But that was only the beginning of the challenge. Chefs were asked to offer an exciting flavour pairing with at least 1 chocolate, 1 local ingredient, and a minimum of 3 textures.

To convince the jury, the creations had to delight the eyes and the senses — most importantly, the taste buds! Take a look at the outcome of this assignment. But wait up! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram if you want constant updates on World Chocolate Masters!

Florida citrus cocoa baba

by Joshua Cain

A local and playful twist on the classic Rum Baba dessert. The aroma of the orange syrup meets the intense bitterness and woodiness of Cacao Barry Fleur de Cao dark chocolate. The thyme and hazelnut sablé offers freshness and nuttiness, while the flourless velvet cake complements the rest of the components with its soft texture and the deep chocolate colour of Cacao Barry's Grand Caraque cocoa mass.

Smooth nectar

by Jérémy Monsel

Breaking conventions with veggies and fruits. This flavour experience is a subtle pairing that results from a confit made with bell peppers and raspberries. Present in the whipped ganache and in the soufflé, the fruity and subtle gingerbread notes of Cacao Barry's Mexique dark chocolate foster the unique combination.

Summer journey

by Joel Latiff

The heart of this pastry is a burst of honey ganache enriched with the whole milk flavour of Cacao Barry's Zéphyr white chocolate. The grapefruit compote brings a punch of tangy taste and juicy texture, while the cremeux balances out the overall sweetness with the zesty notes of Cacao Barry Evocao Wholefruit chocolate.

The golden nugget

by Ruchit Harneja

The pastry is taken over by the tropical taste of guava, which complements the caramel milk taste of Cacao Barry's Zéphyr Caramel chocolate. A nutty warmth and texture contrast come from the crunchy peanut gianduja. Finally, breaking the sweet monotony, comes the powerful cocoa flavour of Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate.

Bee Garden

by Charlotte Wang

A dessert created to buzz the senses with bee-inspired flavours. The natural sweetness of honey, bee's wax and apricots create a smooth taste experience. To match the soft notes of this dessert, the chef uses Cacao Barry's Zéphyr chocolate for its subtle sweetness. Focused on evoking the feeling of being in nature, the chef includes Callebaut GOLD for a splash of salted butter.

Velvet Noir Sablé

by Francis Nguyen

This creation combines the richness of a chocolate sablé with the earthy nutty taste of a pistachio cremeux, the sweetness of cherries, and the tartness of raspberries. Cacao Barry's Alunga chocolate and Extra Brute cocoa come together to bring enhanced creaminess and richness into the mix.

Goût Du Jeu

by Judith Lamontagne

A game where the winner gets the last piece! This is a happy combination of contrasting flavours and textures. The particular sweetness of cherries meets the balanced notes of almonds in the cream. Meanwhile, a sweet pecan caramel meets a touch of salty notes. All components are balanced with a caramel mousse made with the red fruit notes of Cacao Barry Alto el Sol and a ganache made with Cacao Barry Alunga chocolate for its subtle biscuity notes.

Cat Ear Tart

by Matt LoCurto

This chef's goal? A cute and fun dessert that can be made efficiently. The brightness of blood oranges is paired with the floral notes of Cacao Barry Saint Domingue dark chocolate. At the same time, the local West Virginian bourbon's slight caramel notes are complemented with the rich creaminess of Callebaut's Arriba chocolate.

Circle - Cricket Ball

by Sumant Sharma

A dessert that embodies the spirit of childhood memories with colours that depict limitless fun. The nutty flavour of the pastry is the result of caramelised almonds, and its bitter sweetness comes from strawberries and limes. This contrasting pairing is unified under 2 smooth Callebaut chocolates (823 and GOLD) and Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Guayaquil.

Friday, 17 May, 2024