Pastry Play
Swiss National Selection

In the culinary world, nothing compares to freshness — of recipes, of ingredients, and designs. This was also the essence of the extra fresh assignment of the National Selection: PASTRY PLAY.


To win over the jury, contestants were asked to immerse them in surprising flavours by creating a deliciously fresh chocolate patisserie — from scratch. But that was just the beginning. They were required to use 2 mandatory ingredients, putting their creativity to the test to make their pastry stand out. Just like the other assignments, this one required chefs to think outside the box and come up with ideas that rebelled against the standard.


Take a look at the outstanding creations straight from the Swiss National Selection:

The Äntebüsi
by Heidi Eberhard


THE ANTEBUSI is a celebration of smoothness: a light white chocolate mousse made with Carma White Nuit Blanche 37% infused with a cumin liqueur and a sweet and sour cherry compote on a delicious pecan sablé. Finished with a mirror glaze provided by Carma Gold Quintin 31%.

The design is made to be the epitome of elegance at a restaurant, representing an Äntebüsi bottle that is a conversation starter in and of itself.

by Quentin Guirao


HERBAL continues the chef's legacy of providing the jury with creations that not only taste good but are good for the body and planet as well. The small individual pastry is meant to be enjoyed in a Tea Room or at home. It's completely vegan and gluten-free to again be ordered by anyone. The chef added:

- Callebaut Sao Thomé chocolate 70% combined with the freshness of tarragon and acidity of blueberry and blackcurrant.
- A crunchy shortbread pastry


by Jolanda Stgier


Chef Jolanda Stgier is looking to wake up everyone's tastebuds with her GOLDEN fresh pastry, highlighted by the intense flavour of 'Fragola-Americana' grapes and 'Mara des Bois' strawberries. She used lemongrass and lime to add some delicate acidity that matches the chocolate: Cacao Barry Inaya and the biscuity notes of Cacao Barry Lactée Barry. Further, she added

- Tender grape confit
- Soft hazelnut cremeux
- Creamy panna cotta
- Lightweight Inaya chocolate mousse
- And a crispy baked cocoa choux to bring sensory complexity to her overall smooth creation.

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Thursday, 1 February, 2024