Swiss National Selection

Share the Fun


Our Swiss chefs just presented their first finished chocolate creations to our expert jury. They kicked off the day with SHARE THE FUN. But were their desserts shareable enough? And what were the thoughts of the jury?


The task was simple: create a wowing, playful and delicious chocolate after-dinner delight that can be shared with 6 others. It needs to have a generous, festive and playful character.

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A Yuzu Wonderland

by Jolanda Stgier

A YUZU WONDERLAND is a playful combination of contrasts with a hint of regionality: the fragrant taste of yuzu, the citrusy bitterness of Cacao Barry Madirofolo, and the fresh and sweet notes of mango. To create excitement through textures, Jolanda included:

- Creamy rice pudding
- Soft cacao and almonds biscuit
- Juicy mango confit
- Smooth madirofolo and yuzu mousse
- All completed with the crunchiness of almonds and oats.

The Swan

by Heidi Eberhard


THE SWAN is designed to be a true flavour explosion. The Swiss chef combined the sweetness of banana, the roasted character of peanuts, a pleasant spicy finish, and the hazelnut notes of Cacao Barry Ambre Java into one magnificent chocolate dessert. To perfectly compliment the smoothness of her main ingredients, the texture of her sharing dessert is finished with:

- Crumbly sablé made with Cacao Barry Nature Cacao and its notes of cherry, dry fruits & spices
- Soft chocolate sponge cake
- Rich chilli caramel
- To finish it off, she completed The Swan with the softness of banana cremeux and peanut mousse


by Quentin Guirao


PURE is made to be enjoyed by everyone. The Swiss chef went for a completely plant-based chocolate dessert that combined the softness of an airy cocoa mousse existing of white cacao pulp foam, a smooth ganache made with Callebaut Single Origin Madagascar, a spongy moelleux, and a surprisingly rich and crispy praline made with carefully roasted Cacao Barry Cocoa Nibs.

Following the silky texture of his creation, Quentin Guirao chose very specific flavours:
- Tropical freshness of mucilage
- Moderately acid flavours and fruity notes of Madagascar dark chocolate
- The full-bodied and balanced chocolate taste of Cacao Barry Plein Arôme
- Cacao pulp foam
- And pure mucilage granita on the side


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Tuesday, 30 January, 2024