Swiss National Selection

LIVE from the Swiss National Selection: Whimsical Bonbon

Our chefs are on a roll! All three of them have just presented their second assignment to the jury. Are you as impressed as they were? Which one of the bonbons would you like to try first? Be sure to let us know on Instagram or Facebook.


The second assignment is all about the king of chocolate: the bonbon. But how can you re-invent a classic, and make it without any artificial ingredients? It's play in its purest form. Fun, exciting and with a minimum of two different textures. Shells not included.

Pear Play!

by Jolanda Stgier


PEAR PLAY is meant to awaken the senses to the natural sweetness of pears and a citrus touch of yuzu and lemon. She combined these with a balanced chocolate mix: the slightly sweet taste of Cacao Barry Alunga and the intense body of Cacao Barry Ocoa. As a little extra, she enhanced the flavours through the natural fruitiness of cocoa fruit juice. For a contrast of textures, her bonbon featured:
- Creamy Alunga and Ocoa ganache
- A velvety smooth coulis
- A finishing snap of the chocolate couverture and caramelised puffed rice.

The Cassis Delight

by Heidi Eberhard


THE CASSIS DELIGHT is a play on summery flavours with a crunchy base of Cacao Barry Praliné Amandes Valencia and Pure Pâte Noisettes, combined with smooth Callebaut NXT dairy-free M_lk chocolate. The bonbon is a tickling feast of textures and flavours with main parts for:

- Slightly sour cassis jelly
- Balanced sweetness of NXT
- Complex notes of spices found in the tonka ganache
- The contestant then gave her bonbon a finishing touch by brushing some Mona Lisa Copper Powder over the shell.

Graine de chocolat

By Quentin Guirao


Graine de Chocolat is a powerhouse of a bonbon, filled with nutritional benefits. Sweet blueberries combined with the comforting taste of a praline made with healthy pumpkin seeds. An ode to mother nature completed with Cacao Barry Evocao Wholefruit. A delicate bonbon in a rough and natural-looking shell. What a design.


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Wednesday, 31 January, 2024