Consistency was key during the UK competition. Though tension was rising, all chefs managed to keep their cool and stayed on top of their game. With a skill level on par with the competition’s standards, the 6 chefs managed to impress the jury members round after round. Have a look inside the kitchen.

What the jury tasted

by Sarah Frankland
Salted popcorn, raspberry, hazelnut and Alunga 41.3% milk chocolate

by Martin Chiffers
Honey, banana, pecan nuts, lemon, raspberry and Mexique 66.1% dark chocolate

by Quentin Bechard
Sakura blossom tea, cherry, hazelnut, chickpeas, mandarin and Mexique 66.1% dark chocolate

by Ian Mark
Beetroot, blackberries, caramel, lime, star anise, apple cider and Tanzanie 75% dark chocolate

by Stephen Espouy

Orange, grapeseed, carrot, lime and Inaya 65% dark chocolate

by Barry Johnson

Mango compote, yuzu lime jelly, dark chocolate mousse of Haïti 65%

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017