Maurizio Frau

Age: 33
Nationality: Italian
Work: Consultant for various patisseries

Chef Maurizio Frau impressed the jury members with a coherent Futropolis theme, backed up by new & exciting flavour pairings. His unwavering attention to detail, purposeful decorations and consistent quality earned him a prestigious seat in the World Chocolate Masters final. In a few months, he will be waving the Italian flag in Paris.

About the National Selection

On January 21 & January 22, Italy hosted the National Preselections for the World Chocolate Masters. 5 highly skilled chefs would go head to head to secure their special place in the WCM final. Throughout the competition, Maurizio’s ability to link strong concepts to interesting flavour combinations really demonstrated his infallible taste and distinctive style. The judges awarded him the well-earned title of Italian Chocolate Master.

The numbers #2 and #3

#2 Claudio Sordoni

Age: 33
Nationality: Italian
WorkHusky Café – Campagnano di Roma

#3 Fabio Ravone

Age: 44
Nationality: Italian
WorkDolce Creazioni – Brindisi

Friday, 26 January, 2018