The winning creations of Chris Kwok


The chef’s Futropolitan depicts utopia resting on one enormous cacao pod. Since efficient transportation is one of the main concerns of tomorrow’s cities, a single-wheel motorcycle is resting on an AI robot’s shoulder. Being mobile means being connected. With elements of cyber- and steampunk, Chris’ message was to enhance our lives with technology. By embracing new developments, future cities will learn to welcome inhabitants in new and refreshing ways.


With his Fresh Flavours of Futropolis, Chris combined some interesting ingredients: sea buckthorn jelly, chocolate bergamot crémeux and ghana chocolate sauce. His chocolate rings and grid discs managed to elevate his Floating Garden visually.

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Chocolate Snack to Go

The chef’s pink Snack To Go allowed for a delicate balance between pistachio Alunga crémeux, a profiterole shell and wild strawberry coulis. The intense taste sensation really surprised the jury.

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Friday, 16 June, 2017