The winning creations of Elias Läderach


Future cities will be built on the ruins of the past. They rise high vertically and hide peaceful patches of green. In nature’s oasis, people can escape the city buzz at any moment, anytime. To unwind freely, and to ultimately find themselves gazing at the stars. This introspective, dream-like state of searching for better ways to make the future sustainable is exactly what Elias’ ‘Futropolitan’ reflects.


The chef’s ‘Fresh Flavours of Futropolis’ pairs wheat grass with tangerine, dark chocolate Cuba and Tonka bean. Elias’ hazelnut praline and feuilletine provide a delightful crunch. The colourful presentation stood out from the crowd because of its futuristic textures and striking eye for detail.

Chocolate Snack to Go

Elias’ ‘Chocolate Snack to Go’ is a 3-in-1 chocolate bar/smoothie/brioche with a multitude of textures and flavours. From the carrot and apple smoothie to the raspberry, matcha, cress and dark cuba chocolate bar. His multifaceted creation even contained a superfood brioche tosti complete with wheat grass, basil, lemongrass and dark Inaya chocolate. The packaging was made from cocoa shells and compostable sources.

Monday, 18 September, 2017