The winning creations of Yoann Laval


Using nature’s symbiosis in a sustainable way is the key to secure our future resources. Laval’s love for wind turbines, along with a clear emphasis on photosynthesis really expressed an in sync mentality that respects our current ecosystem. While modern-day technology blossomed out of nature’s green roots, tomorrow’s inventions will enhance those same biological beginnings instead of completely replacing them. These are the long-lasting winds of change that are blowing through the tree’s crest.


Laval’s Fresh Flavours of Futropolis consisted of a cocoa crumble, chocolate sauce and a delicate crémeux. Caramel-banana gel and coconut-lime foam gave his fresh pastry an exotic twist. The crêpe gavotte intensified his creation with an extra crunchy coat.

Chocolate Snack to Go

As an ode to his childhood, Laval brought back the flavours of his past. What he created was a comforting waffle with chocolate crémeux, chocolate shortbread, a caramel vanilla mixture and a vanilla Chantilly cream.


Delicate-looking bonbons filled with a sweet raspberry confit, intense coffee ganache, coffee crumble and Cacao Barry Alto El Sol 65%. The chef’s bonbon display reflects the protective role of nature over the city and its humans.

Wednesday, 25 October, 2017