27 January 2018
North Africa preselections

While continuing our commitments of supporting the Chefs and being their source of inspiration, We are very thrilled to announce the Launch of the North African Pre-selection of the "World Chocolate Masters". An ever first edition where Skills will be tested, talents will be discovered and creativity will be exploded, the exciting event will take place the 27th January 2018, at "Institut Maghrebin de Management et de Tourisme" in Tunis, Tunisia in collaboration with our Cacao Barry Partners Oui Chef, Atlantic Food & Barical.


6 candidates will be selected from 3 participating countries ( Morocco – Algeria – Tunisia ) and the Winner will be representing North Africa in the World finale.


Check here to learn more about the candidates and their source of inspiration .


Aymane Choukri

Age: 34
Country: Morocco

Yassine Lamjared

Age: 25
Country: Morocco

Samir Beldjenane

Age: 27
Country: Algeria

Ramzi Ghouil

Age: 38
Country: Tunisia

Mustapha Belhoul

Age: 38
Country: Algeria

Imed Oukaci

Age: 53
Country: Tunisia

The jury

David Bonnet

François Galtier

Luc Debove

David Ducamp

Nader Taan


Institut Maghrébin de Management et de Tourisme

24 rue des entrepreneurs Charguia II

Ariana 2035

Tunis – Tunisia


In collaboration with our Cacao Barry partners:

Oui Chef

Atlantic Food