2024 February 25
Poland preselection

A new edition brings a new challenging theme: Play! puts the WCM chefs to the test. The upcoming Polish National Selections will be a show all about chocolate imagination and skill. Discover how the top Polish chocolatiers Play! with flavours, textures, and designs. Out of all, who will be the Polish chef who will take home the title of Poland's Chocolate Master and compete for the world title in WCM 2025? Join us and find out!


Jakub Janiuk

Native from Lublin, he's seen as the chef of the younger generation. He began his journey by training and working simultaneously in the confectionery space. Experienced in confectionery and ice cream competitions, he combines what's classic and contemporary in minimalistic designs. His main inspirations? Nature and modern art. Today, he shares his culinary vision and knowledge as a consultant for Debic, and is also a workshop leader and trainer.


Karol Plachta

Young and ambitious. At the start of his pastry career, he was already in touch with the chocolate world through Paweł małecki and Mariusz Buritta, both World Chocolate Masters finalists. The foundation of his style as a chef is fresh, simple, and with attention to detail. He thrives by giving traditional pastry a new approach, and believes the classics are always good starting grounds to start creating.


Anna Siwiec-Kaczmarczyk

Trained under many famous pastry chefs, she has built a career as a pastry and confectionery business owner. She has also been a workshop leader on modern pastry for 10 years. She is also a graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Silesia, where her knowledge of painting and sculpture comes from. Her creative background has helped her craft bespoke and artistic pastry creations. For the last 5 years, she's been training chefs on modern confectionery.


Łukasz Rogulski

Łukasz Roguski is a European Artistic Cake Decoration Championship winner, and the Polish champion of restaurant desserts. Since childhood, he's been part of the family business: Cukiernia Małgosia. A pastry shop where he found his calling: sugar-crafting, chocolate, and pastries. For the past 10 years, he has shaped his skills by training with the best craftsmen. His experience, particularly in competitions, has motivated him to aim higher and realise his confectionery and pastry wildest dreams.



Michał Iwaniuk

Head Pastry Chef of Belvedere Group, co-owner of Warsaw-based Mazovia pastry shop. and World Finalist of World Chocolate Masters 2018. His skills unite technology and artistry in an ambitious journey to break standards and stereotypes. Extremely hard working, he has authored the book Mazovia Chocolate, and co-authored two other pastry books, Creations.


David Gaboriaud

David Gaboriaud's experience is extensive. He's been Creative Chef for Belvedere Catering and has repeatedly participated in world-class events. These include Goût de France at the French embassy, where he conducted a culinary show along professor Hervé This, creator of molecular gastronomy. He has collaborated with global brands and networks, including the Kitchen+ channel. David has also hosted culinary shows (David in Europe, Battle of the Flavours) and authored a book (Something French).


Helena Fleglova

Becoming a pastry chef is not only her life work, but a dream come true. Attending a French high school only managed to bring her close to France and charmed her with French culture and lifestyle. After graduating in economics and becoming Operations Manager at Zlaté Konvice confectionery, the passion for the world of sweets was born. This passion remains and rules the chef's aspirations until today.


Konrad Tota

A known and respected Pastry Chef. For almost 15 years, he’s been running the Galeria Tortów Artystycznych pastry shop, presenting his concept of modern Krakow pastry. He sees this year’s theme as an interdisciplinary approach to sculpture construction. He looks forward to seeing contestants 'Play!' with out-of-the-box creations and techniques, stepping out their comfort zone, in terms of design as well as flavour choices.


Michał Doroszkiewicz

Owner of an original confectionery and pastry studio (OVO Pracownia in Poznań) and of a training and consulting company (Pastry Lab Michał Doroszkiewicz), he is also a coach for young pastry chefs. Michał has been the Polish Champion of Young Pastry Chefs, and represented the country in multiple international competitions: Coppa del Mondo della Galateria, Marco Polo International Gelato Cup, and the Culinary World Cup. His extensive experience includes being the Head Pastry Chef of a Michelin restaurant.


25 February 2024


Expo Sweet
hall Expo XXI
Warsaw, Poland

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