2017 March 23
National Selection Germany

Second in a marathon of national selections is Germany, hosting this exciting event at the Chocolate Academy in Cologne. Five chocolate loving chefs -4 German and 1 Austrian- will pick up the gauntlet and palette knife, competing for the finalist title.
And by the looks of it, they all have a very clear view on what the future of chocolate might look and taste like.

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Anne Kamp
Something old, something new

Nationality: German
Work: Pastry chef at Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg

Competing for the German title, Anne can’t wait to push her own boundaries. She hopes to convince the jury with her own tradition-meets-innovation approach, combining raw materials into an exciting new and futureproof balance.

  • - Specialized in traditional German pastry and confiserie

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Antonia Majunke
Ready to inspire

Age: 32
Nationality: German
WorkSelf-employed at Antonia Majunke Pâtisserie-Beratung

Besides blowing the judges minds and taste buds, Antonia aims to inspire her younger colleagues. Small scoop: expect some Leonardo da Vinci inspired creations and anti-stress sweetness… Sounds promising, no?

  • - Specialized in French pâtisserie, small cakes and chocolate bonbons
  • - Creates pastry for Düsseldorf’s Patisserie Passion

Martin Studeny
Passionate perfectionist

Age: 32
Nationality: Austrian
WorkChef at M Passione - Patisserie & Confiserie in Salzburg

Martin first attended the World Chocolate Masters in 2007 in Paris… as a spectator. To participate now, 10 years later, is a dream come true. Expect this Austrian chef to show off his love for modern handcraft, traditional pastry and new taste profiles.

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Moritz Obermayer
The future is... fruity

Age: 23
Nationality: German
WorkChef at Konditorei – Café Widmann in Munich

Moritz has a very clear view on the Futropolis theme. Think sugar-reduced, light pastry, elegant shapes and a taste of fresh fruits. He aims to amaze with some very modern and “friendly” creations. Consider us intrigued!

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2017 March 23



Chocolate Academy Köln
Im Mediapark 8a
50670 Köln

Due to the location’s limited capacity, spectators will not be able to attend this national selection.

More information
Chocolate Academy Köln website
Or contact us at +49 221 2065 42 99