Belgian national selection

You could hear a pin drop during the competition. All chefs showed great determination to complete the Belgian preselections with care. With 4 drastically different interpretations of the Futropolis-theme, all contestants revealed a versatile skillset. Have a look inside the chef’s kitchen.

What the jury tasted

Ananas, mango, lemon grass, blackberry, gember and Inaya 65% by Jurgen Baert

Passion fruit, hazelnut, kiwi, sudachi and Alto el Sol 65% by Masayuki Nozaki

Yuzu, earl grey, speculoos, cuberdon, red fruit and Alto el Sol 65% by Shinichi Asaba

Java, pistachio, paprika, honey, passion fruit and Zéphyr 34% by Christophe Museur

Wednesday, 14 June, 2017